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HTML5 Games Push You Learn HTML5 CSS3 and Javascript More

These are some JavaScript applications Ben Joffe made for competitions or out of general interest, some of them use the Canvas element from HTML5, none of them use JavaScript libraries.

html5 games screenshot1

html5 games screenshot1

html5 games screenshot2

html5 games screenshot2

Yahoo! User Interface Next Generation JavaScript and CSS library

YUI 3 is Yahoo!’s next-generation JavaScript and CSS library. It powers the new Yahoo! homepage, Yahoo! Mail, and many other Yahoo! sites. The YUI 3 Library has been redesigned and rewritten from the ground up incorporating what we’ve learned in five years of dedicated library development. The library includes the core components, a full suite of utilities, the Widget Infrastructure, a growing collection of widgets, CSS resources, and tools. All YUI components are BSD-licensed and are available for forking and contribution on GitHub. In addition to the core components included in the YUI 3 Library, there is also a gallery of components created by developers in the YUI community that provide additional functionality leveraging YUI 3 that can be used in the development of robust web applications. Features would be

  • lighter (less K-weight on the wire and on the page for most uses)
  • faster (fewer http requests, less code to write and compile, more efficient code)
  • more consistent (common naming, event signatures, and widget APIs throughout the library)
  • more powerful (do more with less implementation code)
  • more securable (safer and easier to expose to multiple developers working in the same environment)

YUI 3.0 Preview Release 1

Flickrshow Make Photo Slideshow From Flickr on Your Website

flickrshow is a simple Javascript slideshow for Flickr. It doesn’t require any web-development expertise, any particular Javascript frameworks, (although it works with all of them), or any hosted web space. It works in all modern web browsers, (even Internet Explorer 6).

  • Unobtrusive and compatible: they built flickrshow on top of Prototype so it will work with all modern browsers and won’t interfere with any other Javascript on your page.
  • Themeable to match your site: You can alter the colour of flickrshow to match your site.
  • Can be used multiple times: it caused a number of headaches, but you can run as many slideshows on your site as you want, as long as your viewers can handle the loading times.


DhtmlxGrid Ajax Enabled Sortable JavaScript Grid Control

DhtmlxGrid is a Ajax-enabled JavaScript grid control that provides professional solution for representing and editing tabular data on the web. DhtmlxGrid allows easy implementation of nice looking (managed through css or predefined skins) DHTML tables with rich in-cell editing, fixed multiline headers/footers, resizable, sortable and draggable columns. Numerous event handlers let you add necessary interactivity to grid-based interfaces. Smart Rendering technology and built-in paginal output allow this data grid to work effectively with huge datasets.