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Plupload – A tool for uploading files using Flash Silverlight Google Gears

The developers of TinyMCE brings you Plupload, a highly usable upload handler for your Content Management Systems or similar. Plupload is currently separated into a Core API and a jQuery upload queue widget this enables you to either use it out of the box or write your own custom implementation.

4 Best GUI Framework for flash actionscript3

1. Minimal Comps

Minimal Comps are a set of Flash-based User Interface Components written in ActionScript 3.0 by Keith Peters of www.BIT-101.com.

The key point is that these components are lightweight and extremely easy to use. They are ideal for experimenting and prototyping. They do not have all the features that you would find in, say, Flex. And they probably aren’t what you want for a complex, data-driven enterprise site with a complex layout. But then again, they are a tiny, tiny fraction of the size, and have a tiny fraction of the learning curve of Flex components.

minimalcomps samples

minimalcomps samples

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Aswing Open Source Flash ActionScript GUI framework and Library

AsWing is an Open Source Flash ActionScript GUI framework and library that allows programmers to make their flash application(or RIA) UI easily. Its usage is similar to Java Swing. It provides a set of GUI components, which we intent to implement in pure object oriented ActionScript 2. A pluggable look and feel will be implemented too. It also provides many Util classes. AsWing is BSD licensed.

AsWing A3 is the next/another life with ActionScript 3, components set is almost same to ActionScript 2 time, but capabilities are much more powerful.

awswing flash gui framework

awswing flash gui framework

RegExr Best Online Regular Expressions Tester Validator

RegExr is an intuitive tool for learning, writing, and testing Regular Expressions. Key features include:

* real time results: shows results as you type
* code hinting: roll over your expression to see info on specific elements
* detailed results: roll over a match to see details & view group info below
* built in regex guide: double click entries to insert them into your expression
* online & desktop: regexr.com or download the desktop version for Mac, Windows, or Linux
* save your expressions: My Saved expressions are saved locally
* search Community expressions and add your own
* create Share Links to send your expressions to co-workers or link to them on Twitter or your blog [ex. http://RegExr.com?2rjl6]

RegExr Best Online Regular Expressions Tester Validator

RegExr Best Online Regular Expressions Tester Validator

AmMap Free Interactive Flash Map to Create Location Related Application

AmMap is a tool for creating interactive Flash maps. You can use this tool to show locations of your offices, routes of your journeys, create your distributor map, etc. Photos or illustrations can be used as layers and backgrounds of maps, so you can make different presentations, e-learning tools and more.

With amMap, you can:

* customize every detail of your map – sizes, colors, disable features you don’t need;
* create multi-level structures;
* create map charts (heatmaps);
* load icons or other custom movies or photos on top of your map;
* use your own custom map textures;
* draw lines and add text;
* set the start-up zoom level and position;
* use it as zoomifyer to display big pictures;
* control the map with JavaScript (reload data and settings, set and get data and separate parameters, register clicks);
* export the map as an image.

amMap Interactive flash maps screenshot

amMap Interactive flash maps screenshot

Maps included: World with countries, World with continents, Albania, Andorra, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belarus, Belgium, Bhutan, Bolivia, Bosnia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Cyprus, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Estonia, Finland, France, France departments, French Guiana, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Guyana,Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Kuwait, Laos, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, St. Lucia, Suriname, Sweden, Syria, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkey, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United States, United Kingdom, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Vietnam, Yemen – more being added constantly!

Free Flash Charting Component – Open Flash Chart

Open Flash Chart is a charting component made by Flash. Open Flash Chart, is open source. It is free to use and you get the source code to fiddle with. You can create some really nice looking Bar Charts, Pie Charts, Area Charts and etc… easily. To use it, you simply need to include the Open Flash Chart in your HTML, and provide the data file on the server. The data file is either a text file, or a .php, Perl, Python, Java (or another flavour of dynamic) page.



Adobe Cocomo Build Flex Real-time Social Apps In Several Minutes

Cocomo is a Collaboration service, which enables developers to add easily real-time collaboration and social capabilities to their applications. The service is implemented as LiveCycle Collaboration Service. Adobe hosts the service so developers don’t have to worry about deployment, maintenance, and scalability.

What you can do

Using LiveCycle Collaboration Service you can add collaboration to new and existing applications. Some examples of applications with collaborative capabilities include social games, customer service applications, e-learning solutions, and sports broadcasts. LiveCycle Collaboration Service provides the following features:

  • Real-time push messaging: Create collaboration-aware components and applications.
  • Pre-built components: Accelerate development using white board, chat window, webcam, and other prebuilt components.
  • Multimedia streaming: Use audio and video sharing with support for P2P (RTMFP) streaming.
  • User management: Detect and change presence, status, and roles.

Build Real-Time Social Apps Fast with Cocomo

Cocomo is a Platform as a Service that allows Flex developers to easily add real-time social capabilities into their RIA (rich Internet applications).

Comprised of both Flex-based client components and a hosted services infrastructure, Cocomo allows you to build real-time, multi-user applications with Flex in less time than ever before. And because Acrobat.com hosts the service, issues like deployment, maintenance, and scalability are taken care of for you.

Features of the Cocomo beta includes, VoIP Audio, Webcam Video, Chat, Multi-User Whiteboards, Real-Time File Sharing, User Management, Roles and Permissions and Robust Data Messaging. To get access to the public beta of Cocomo service and Cocomo SDK, you just need to create a developer account in Adobe.

Flare Flash ActionScript library for creating visualizations

Flare is an ActionScript library for creating visualizations that run in the Adobe Flash Player. From basic charts and graphs to complex interactive graphics, the toolkit supports data management, visual encoding, animation, and interaction techniques. Even better, flare features a modular design that lets developers create customized visualization techniques without having to reinvent the wheel.


View the demos and sample applications to see a few of the visualizations that flare makes it easy to build.

To begin making your own visualizations, download flare and work through the tutorial. You should also get familiar with the API documentation. Need more help? Visit the help forum (you’ll need a SourceForge login to post).

Flex Open Source Fisheye Menus Component From Quietly Scheming

The Fisheye component is based around the concept of itemRenderer factories, just like the flex list and charting components. The goal is to use composition to separate behaviour from content, so you can reuse the basic fisheye effect across many different applications and uses. It???s available under the MIT Open Source license, so feel free to use it or modify it in your own applications. Check out the 2D Fisheye Demo, it looks really nice.

Quietly Scheming has many other components over there.

Fisheye Component

Wix Best Flash Builder to Make Flash Based Web Site CMS Easily

Wix is a free website builder. You can make stunning Flash websites with an easy drag and drop online platform. Its free.

Make Flash Based Web Content for Free