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Adobe Cocomo Build Flex Real-time Social Apps In Several Minutes

Cocomo is a Collaboration service, which enables developers to add easily real-time collaboration and social capabilities to their applications. The service is implemented as LiveCycle Collaboration Service. Adobe hosts the service so developers don’t have to worry about deployment, maintenance, and scalability.

What you can do

Using LiveCycle Collaboration Service you can add collaboration to new and existing applications. Some examples of applications with collaborative capabilities include social games, customer service applications, e-learning solutions, and sports broadcasts. LiveCycle Collaboration Service provides the following features:

  • Real-time push messaging: Create collaboration-aware components and applications.
  • Pre-built components: Accelerate development using white board, chat window, webcam, and other prebuilt components.
  • Multimedia streaming: Use audio and video sharing with support for P2P (RTMFP) streaming.
  • User management: Detect and change presence, status, and roles.

Build Real-Time Social Apps Fast with Cocomo

Cocomo is a Platform as a Service that allows Flex developers to easily add real-time social capabilities into their RIA (rich Internet applications).

Comprised of both Flex-based client components and a hosted services infrastructure, Cocomo allows you to build real-time, multi-user applications with Flex in less time than ever before. And because Acrobat.com hosts the service, issues like deployment, maintenance, and scalability are taken care of for you.

Features of the Cocomo beta includes, VoIP Audio, Webcam Video, Chat, Multi-User Whiteboards, Real-Time File Sharing, User Management, Roles and Permissions and Robust Data Messaging. To get access to the public beta of Cocomo service and Cocomo SDK, you just need to create a developer account in Adobe.