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Xuheki IMAP Webmail Open Source Ajax Email Web Client

Xuheki is a fast IMAP client which aims to become your preferred email client. It works in your browser and you can access it from anywhere to read your email. It has most features that you would expect from a fine “Mail User Agent”. Xuheki is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

  • The interface is similar to a desktop-based email client and it’s completely “AJAX”—no page reloads.
  • It supports multiple IMAP servers and multiple sender identities. It tries to be smart about chosing the right identity when you’re replying to a message.
  • It is designed with IMAP in mind. This has a downside—we don’t support POP3, nor other protocols, but the big advantage is that it makes use of certain IMAP features which allows it to be very efficient. The engine behind IMAP operations is our Net::IMAP::Client Perl module.
  • Its architecture allows it to stay connected to the IMAP server. The IMAP operations are not handled by Apache itself, but by a Perl daemon which maintains connection to IMAP.
  • It supports multiple folders; you can also create/remove folders from a convenient context menu. You can move messages to various folders using drag’n’drop.
Xuheki Web Mail Client

Xuheki Web Mail Client