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WaveMaker Visual Ajax Studio in Java/J2EE

WaveMaker Visual Ajax Studio is an easy-to-use visual builder that enables the drag & drop assembly of scalable, web-applications using Ajax widgets, web services and databases. WaveMaker Studio will look and feel especially familiar to client/server developers who are used to working with visual tools. WaveMaker’s Studio enables data-driven and web-services based applications to be quickly created without complex code, forms, patterns or portal frameworks. WaveMaker’s Studio reduces the time and cost of delivering new business applications.


CodeRun Studio A free Cross Platform Browser Based IDE

CodeRun Studio is a cross-platform Integrated Development Environment (IDE), designed for the cloud. It enables you to easily develop, debug and deploy web applications using your browser.

CodeRun Studio can be used instead or alongside your existing desktop IDE. You can upload existing code in order to test it in the cloud or for sharing with your peers.

CodeRun Studio: A free, cross-platform browser-based IDE

CodeRun Studio: A free, cross-platform browser-based IDE

CodeRun Studio Features

  1. Create projects in multiple languages

  2. Manage your code solutions, projects and files online

  3. Edit code with syntax coloring and code-completion

  4. Run and debug code in multiple platforms